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05 Sep 2017

Tethering the Tesla

Episode 56 of our podcast is released and available for download (MP3, 65mb).


In this episode @robbiemccorkell, @alexsavinme, @AJCumine and @marcelcutts chat about following hot topics.

  • Hotel inside a Boeing 747
  • Robbie's first drone
  • Piloting DJI Spark via wifi only
  • Limitations of touch controls vs the controller with real buttons
  • Boosting drone signal
  • Why you should not live in Whitstable
  • South Downs National Park cycling trip
  • Active tracking a cycling person with a drone
  • Solution to a sweaty back when cycling with a backpack
  • Parkour course
  • Medium's clap button
  • What happens when you try to revert Dropbox Pro back to the free tier
  • Switching from Spotify to Apple Music
  • Modular airplanes by Boeing
  • Migrating personal Spotify playlists to Apple Music
  • Broadband speeds in British countryside
  • Tethering of Tesla's internet connection
  • The new YouTube powered by Google Brain
  • What makes a popular Instagram post
  • Bridge Crew VR experience
  • Control your spaceship with your voice
  • Half Life episode 3 plot
  • Artifact - the Dota card game
  • How to balance card games
  • Customer support model from Valve
  • Returning digital goods
  • Superhot VR

Bonus track

  • Hunger games in the forests of Canada

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