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22 Aug 2017

Nerdy Burning Man

Episode 55 of our podcast is released and available for download (MP3, 53mb).


In this episode @robbiemccorkell, @alexsavinme, @etiene_d and @marcelcutts chat about following hot topics.

  • SHA 2017 hacker camp first hands impressions by Etiene
  • Nerdy Burning Man
  • Spreading wifi and happiness in the woods
  • Overview of hacker camp events in Europe
  • Ethical assessment of software projects
  • How do you make a user be aware of privacy concepts
  • Filming of Ready Player One in Pinewood studios - special report
  • 4 days playing extra on a set of a sci-fi film experience
  • How much you get payed for playing extra in a big production
  • How to become a part of a film (and get a pass to Pinewood studios)
  • Getting your first drone from a shady Chinese online store
  • When your drone suddenly flies away
  • Gamification of drone flying
  • Gamification of 2 factor authentication
  • Authentication master level achievement
  • Ocaml and Bucklescript
  • ReasonML London meetup announcement
  • Lua London meetup announcement
  • Speaking on meetup vs conference
  • Experience of organising a tech conference remotely in Latin America

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