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29 Oct 2015

Badger Don’t Care About Dyson Spheres

Episode 25 is released and available for download (MP3, 54mb).

This episode is also available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Sticher.


In this episode @robbiemccorkell, @karismafilms, @charypar and introducing @jsharratt chat about following hot topics:

  • AWS re:invent in Las Vegas as experienced by Jon Sharratt
  • Lambda functions in the cloud
  • Serverless applications
  • General Electric and windfarms in the cloud
  • BMW cars talking to each other
  • Enabling infrastructure to get off the dev way
  • DB migration service by Amazon
  • Dialing into the company meeting half naked
  • Github does not rebase
  • DataDog monitoring of deployment process
  • Conference swag from Citrix
  • Hackable conf badges
  • AWS snowball data import/export device
  • Terabyte on a pigeon
  • Incident at the conference - code of conduct discussion
  • Amazon X1 and T2.Nano instances
  • Serverless apps are the next big thing
  • Vendor locking issues
  • Git LFS extension by Github
  • Surviving on Mars with help of science
  • What consulting can learn from The Martian
  • StarWars and ASP.NET based cinema sites
  • Upcoming release of StarWars Battlefront
  • Keppler project discovered a curious star far away
  • Classification of how advanced civilization is
  • Disadvantages of hover boards

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