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13 Oct 2015

Badger Don’t Care About Naked Skydive

Episode 24 is released and available for download (MP3, 86mb).

This episode is also available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Sticher.


In this episode @robbiemccorkell, @karismafilms and @Midnite_ chat about following hot topics:

  • Robbie talking at WebExpo in Prague on React
  • Hints on preparing your talk for the big conference
  • Scariest part of the talk on stage
  • Dangers of walking in central Prague at night
  • Pebble Steel edition vs normal Pebble vs Round Pebble vs Apple Watch
  • Why having multiple smart watches doesn't make much sense
  • Seasonal wristbands for smartwatches
  • Issues for discovering new apps when everything is free
  • 2 days of battery for a smart watch is a debatable achievement
  • Tracking sleeping activities with a smartwatch
  • Commuting on a citybike in London for 2 years
  • Trifecto Spartan race finished recently by Monika
  • Running 16 miles long race with obstacles
  • Rat Race and jumping into the waters of Docklands
  • Challenging your biggest fears
  • Supporting charities by jumping naked out of the airplane
  • Hidden features of your body that only revealed when you do a naked skydive
  • Cars smart enough to trick the gas sensors
  • Dilemma of fuel effeciency and amount of emissions
  • Tesla Model X
  • Falcon wing doors vs gull wing doors
  • Importance of a good air filter in a car
  • In a future driving an internal combustion car will be a hobby
  • City skill of looking for Priuses in Eco mode while biking around London
  • NASA found water flowing on Mars
  • Outer Space Treaty forbidding humans contaminating other planets with Earth bacterias
  • SETI and encrypted alien radio traffic

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