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20 Sep 2015

Badger Don’t Care About Ethics of Ad Blockers

Episode 23 is released and available for download (MP3, 78mb).

This episode is also available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Sticher.


In this episode @robbiemccorkell, @karismafilms, @charypar, and @Midnite_ chat about following hot topics:

  • Monica in Legoland
  • Imaginary friend lifehack when visiting theme parks
  • Dismaland
  • Most British insult
  • Bemusement park
  • Lego sets are a better investment than most shares
  • Arch nemesis of Daredevil
  • Owl man
  • Biggest innovation of Google since Google
  • New Yorker comments on Google new logo
  • Paleo diet for beginners
  • iOS9 and native ad blocking
  • Ethics of blocking ads
  • Lifehack for having separate Chrome users for home and work
  • Working at Amazon
  • Downshifting from software developer to bee keeper
  • Non square photos on Instagram
  • Self driving cars and laser pointers
  • Human issues with singularity
  • Finnish post delivers parcels with drones
  • Anti drone shotgun shells - prepare for drone apocalypse

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