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20 Jul 2015

Badger Don’t Care About GraphQL

Episode 20 of our podcast is released and available for download (MP3, 87mb).

This episode is also available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Sticher.


In this episode @robbiemccorkell, @karismafilms and @charypar chat about following hot topics:

  • React Europe conference impressions by Viktor
  • Animations in React
  • Time travelling debugger by Dan Abramov
  • Frustrating Flux
  • Big deal about GraphQL
  • How to migrate your legacy app to React
  • Slack Emoji reactions
  • Apple Music first impressions
  • Tube strike day
  • Challenges of cycling in London
  • Walking commute from Leyton to Holborn
  • Notable Twitter trends on London tube strike
  • Touchable holograms
  • A bunch of upcoming Star Wars sequels
  • Armada - upcoming book by the author of Ready Player One

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