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13 Apr 2015

Badger Don’t Care About Aerospace Grade Tungsten

Episode 15 of our podcast is released and available for download (MP3, 120mb).

This episode is also available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Sticher.


In this episode @robbiemccorkell, @karismafilms and introducing for the second episode in a row @charypar chat about following hot topics:

  • F8 and the curve in F8 app
  • React Native is now open sourced
  • Speed of native iOS development when on React
  • Pushing Javascript updates to your native iOS app
  • Pushing features to React Native apps
  • Facebook and VR talks on F8
  • Reality perception and brain post processing powers
  • Global internet by solar powered Facebook drones
  • Why you can fly solar powered drones on higher altitudes than commercial jet flights
  • Formula E upcoming final this summer in London
  • Aerospace grade Tungsten on your office desk
  • Micro dosing of LSD as one of the best cognitive enhancers
  • Self driving cars
  • Water room analogue of basic income
  • Year long space mission and long term effects on human body
  • Rules of what may or may not be told to children
  • EU regulation on geoblocking internet services

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