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05 Dec 2014

Badger Don’t Care About Christmas in July

Very special Christmas episode 08 of the podcast is released and available for download (MP3, 110mb).


In this episode @roisiproven, @robbiemccorkell and @karismafilms chat about following hot topics:

  • Shortest teaser ever
  • How to get to the topic of physics in a podcast in 3 easy steps
  • Phil Tippett - Dinosaur Supervisor
  • Robbie explains Gravity wells
  • Sky city over Venus
  • How to harpoon a comet in 3 easy steps (and then fail miserably)
  • Your terrorist zombie plan when in London
  • Hidden dangers of the London sewers
  • Making profit in video games with proper press embargo timing
  • Introduction to Scrum at game development from Roisi
  • Yik Yakking
  • Christmas in July
  • Geeky Christmas shopping
  • Local fascination with monthly subscription boxes
  • A boxbox
  • What happens to the UK when it snows

This episode is also available for listening on Soundcloud.

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