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31 Oct 2014

Badger Don’t Care About Multidimensional Spaces

Episode 06 of the podcast is released and available for download (MP3, 103mb).

In this episode @roisiproven, @robbiemccorkell and @karismafilms talk about following hot topics:

  • Literally tens of people flock to Scotland for summer holidays
  • Braveheart trivia from Fort William
  • Statue of Mel Gibson in a cage is discovered in Edinburgh
  • Frozen eggs
  • Internet problems bigger than eggs
  • Gaia hypothesis
  • Multidimensional spaces wrapped into atom
  • Algebraic approach to life
  • Spooky things about four dimensional world
  • Ant news conspiracy
  • Basics of the interstellar travel and wormholes
  • 70mm 15 perf IMAX and Interstellar film performances
  • Persons of Interest TV show
  • WebVR and live coding in Oculus Rift
  • Question time with prime minister and some burning questions from Roisi
  • (Poor) perspectives of buying a property in London
  • Living on an ex-russian warship on Thames
  • Glasgow clockwork orange pub crawl
  • Reading list of Roisi’s boyfriend
  • Essence of Finnish cinema and a load of naked Santas in the forest

This episode is also available on Soundcloud - this time with annotated chapters for your convinience.

Music credits:

Space sounds courtesy of NASA - borrowed from the brand new shiny Soundcloud archive of all those amazing soundwaves.

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